About the Fellowship

The Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer (FCP) is a loose-knit association of individuals and small groups who follow the way of prayer taught by the founder, Robert Coulson. The founder was an Anglican priest (died 1995) who commended a simple yet profound method of prayer based on the Holy Scriptures as the Word of God. 

The method was followed, first by a small number of clergy, then by others in increasing numbers who recognised the value of learning the discipline of listening to the Word of God which is 'spirit and life' (John 6.63). 

The Fellowship Rule

The members of the Fellowship follow a simple Rule of daily prayer. The Rule is accepted for 12 months at a time. 

The Membership

There are approximately 500 members of many denominations in the United Kingdom, most of whom belong to the 100 or so prayer groups up and down the country. Fellowship members are also to be found in Ireland, in the U.S.A., South Africa,  Maylasia, Australia and New Zealand.  

There is no membership subscription or entry qualification! Members undertake to keep the Rule as far as they are able, and to be part of a local group and attend an annual retreat or quiet day, as circumstances permit.

If you do not feel able to commit to being a Member, then you can be a Friend: these are those who keep in touch with the Fellowship and incorporate its method in their prayers.

To register as a member or friend, contact the FCP membership secretary. Once registered, you will receive the twice yearly mailings.  

For the FCP Privacy Statement on our Data Protection policy, see the Contact Us page on this website.


In the U.K. the Fellowship is a registered charity (No. 298850) and is administered by the five Trustees and five other members who together form the Council. There are no paid staff and there is no central office.

For More Information 

Anyone who would like a copy of the free introductory literature, or indeed any other information, is invited to contact the Administrator.  Information about the method of prayer used by the Fellowship can be found via this link

There are a number of Prayer Groups within the UK which follow this method. A list of the locations of these groups can be found via this link.